1. Preparatoin, installation and setting up different kinds of drivers AC and DC (Inverter)
  2. Preparatoin, installation and setting up various mass flow controllers.
  3. Designing types of industrial and laboratory based electrical and control boards.
  4. Preparation, installation and setting up types of industrial and laboratory based sensor. (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, …)
  5. Monitoring programming with Labview.
  6. Programming for various controller, indicator and sensor using industrial and laboratory Analog or Digital output. (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, ..), (Delta Tic, Jumo Tic, Keller pressure sensor)
  7. Designing, installation and setting up different types of laboratory-based system.
  8. Monitoring programming for data aqusation and industrial, laboratory-based system controlling.
  9. Reparation and setting up types of industrial and laboratory-based electric and gas oven.
  10. Updating of system and old control electrical boards. (Industrial and Laboratory)
  11. Designing, installation and setting up of electrical and control systems using GTL, Nanocarbon and warm air (for drying of chemical materials) pilots.
  12. Designing and setting up temperature controller sistems and temperature, pressure,… indicater sistems as a portable.
  13. Designing and installation of control system and programming for Porosimeter, Air premeability, Air release and Pressurized consistometer apparatuses.
  14. PLC Programming
  15. HMI Programming